Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • 09-11-2018

  1. Poster size : 1000 mm (Height) x 700 mm (Width). Oversize posters cannot be accommodated.
  2. It must contain Title, Author names and affiliation.
  3. It must contain details about your work in a clear and well organized manner.
  4. As the poster is viewed from a distance (about 1 meter), it is required that major titles/subtitles are big enough to be read clearly.

Hence, the recommended font sizes are 66 pt for title, 54 pt for authors, 40 for sub headings and 32 pt for body text. However, it is upto authors to choose the appropriate font size, but is advised to make sure that they are big enough to be read easily.

  1. A clear, simple and uncluttered arrangement is the most attractive and easiest to read.
  2. Push Pins would be provided so that poster can be attached to the poster board (Provided by us).